Standard deviation of the forecast error

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The MAD for a forecast is 1000 units per year. If the lead time is one month, what will be the standard deviation of the forecast error for one month (assuming 12 months in a year). Please include at least two decimal places in your answer.

Reference no: EM131027367

Effective control systems

Successful control systems are effective in ensuring good performance within the organization. They have a lot of control within the organization and have a lot of emphasis

Swot analysis to understand companies strenths-weaknesses

Chipotle is facing turbulent times due to the recent E. Coli and Norovirus outbreaks at its restaurants. Conduct a SWOT Analysis to understand the companies Strenths, Weakness

What value did you personally get from the process

Is the strategic planning process seen as valuable one when things are moving so fast ? Do some claim that it is pointless as things are impossible to predict? What value did

Corporate culture.-morale and performance programs

At his new job, Mike notices that everyone places high values on their families and each others' families, birthdays are always celebrated, and flexible schedules are permitte

Characterize the competitive strategy of amazon

1. How would you characterize the competitive strategy of Amazon? What are the key customer needs that Amazon aims to fill? 2. Where would you place the demand faced by Amazon

Should osha pursue other workplace hazards in this manner

Instead, it has been working with industry to develop voluntary guidelines, relying on the General Duty Clause for enforcement. Using your personal experience or information

How does its performance compare to that of its competitors

The typical length for a response to one question is one to two complete paragraphs ?be succinct in your responses as business writing avoids verboseness, but also be specific

Risks associated with international expansion

Identify the motivations (or benefits) and the risks associated with international expansion, including the emerging trend for greater off shoring and outsourcing activity. Wh


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