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Please paraphrase the following paragraph: 1) The process is in a state of statistical control means that assignable or special causes of variation have been removed; characteristic parameters like the mean, standard deviation, and probability distribution are constant; and process behavior is predictable. One implication is that any improvement in process capability will require a change in material, equipment, method etc. 2)Relative to the control chart, the type I error represents the probability of concluding the process is out of control when it is not, means a plot point is outside the control limits when in fact the process is still in control. In process operation, high frequencies of false alarms could lead to excessive investigation costs, unnecessary process adjustment and lack of credibility for the method. The type II error represents the probability of concluding the process is in control, when actually it is not; this results from a plot point within the control limits even though the process mean has shifted out of control. The effect on process operations of failing to detect an out-of-control shift would be an increase in non-conforming product and associated costs. 

Reference no: EM131148842

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