Specific demands associated with its external environment

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Describe the linkage an Internet-based company (e.g. Ebay) has with its environment. Be sure to include in your description an overview of the firm's structure and operations in response to specific demands associated with its external environment.

How has the recent episode of economic decline (i.e. recession) impacted organizational structure and strategy? (Be sure to support your perspectives).

How has the recession impacted the firm you discussed in your initial post? For example, has the firm had to engage in cutback management? If so, what changes have they had to make? Be sure to identify the reference you used to support your observations/findings.

Reference no: EM131153962

Overview of the current state of health-safety and security

Overview of the current state of health, safety and security. Germane legal considerations are presented next with emphasis on various aspects of OSHA. This is followed by dis

Calculate the average number of machinists being served

At a photocopy machine service centre the arrival rate is two per hour and the service potential is three per hour. The hourly wage paid to the attendant at the service centre

Collaborative environment for a multinational corporation

Your team has been hired to create a "modern" virtual collaborative environment for a multinational corporation. You are shown a conference room that has a 10-year-old speake

Nature of the employee disciplinary code in UAE Labor Law

Briefly describe the nature of the employee disciplinary code in the UAE Labor Law. Describe the employee disciplinary system in your organization (or an organization that you

The pros and cons of unionized environment

What do you see as the pros and cons of a unionized environment in a health care facility? How can the right to collective bargaining by employees and the mandate to provide c

Obvious conflict at astrotech fuel systems

There is obvious conflict at Astrotech Fuel Systems between Jim McGee and George Phalen. What could each person have done differently to alleviate some or all of this conflict

What is corporate strategy

What is a corporate strategy? Why is it important for a small business to identify a corporate strategy? What are possible consequences that a small business may experience if

Create an analysis of the ethical theories

You have just been hired by a company to evaluate the way the company treats its employees, suppliers, and customers. Create an analysis of the ethical theories the company wo


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