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IT projects are particularly challenging as we are frequently asked for cost and time estimates before we do the Requirements Phase. (For example, if we subcontract out a task, we sometimes are required to provide some sort of cost ceiling in the request for proposals.) Write approximately 150 words on how we, as IT professionals, can attempt to estimate time and cost when we don't know the requirements yet. (This is a real issue that many of you have faced. Feel free to provide examples, etc.)

Reference no: EM131152628

Discuss what ouchi meant with that analogy

In writing about types of control, William Ouchi said, “The Market is like the trout and thee clan like the salmon, each a beautiful highly specialized species which require u

Determine material requirements plans for parts n

Determine material requirements plans for parts N and V and subassembly I as described in Solved Problem 3 ( see p. 532) for each of the following: a. Assume that there are

The maturity stage of the product life cycle

Due to your expertise in strategic management, you have been hired by Brad Anderson to evaluate Best Buy’s current strategy and make a recommendation as to which generic compe

Determine the cost of the chiefs plan

Evaluate the current staffing plan. What does it cost? Are 26 officers sufficient to handle the normal workload? Determine the cost of the Chiefs plan. Do you need to implemen

Opposition to airline deregulation

Although it has been more than 3 decades since the passage of the U.S. Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, the effects and wisdom of deregulation are still debated. Present one

Competitive advantage through competing internationally

Summarize Apple, Inc.'s operations in foreign markets and competitive advantage possibilities. Describe which method(s) has been used to enter foreign markets. How has Apple g

What do you think of his insights and conclusions

Senge describes the new work to be done by leaders in terms of new roles. These roles are designer, teacher and steward. What do you think of his insights and conclusions? Do

Select a real-hypothetical type of health care organization

Identify the market sector your organization falls into (mass market or niche services). How does the population health approach to health care rather than the curative appr


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