Social class divisions in society are relatively unstable

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1. Leverage opportunities are those areas of service where the business exceeds customer’s expectations but they are not very important.

2. A consumer has taken her child to a new pediatric group. After leaving, she wonders if she made the right choice in going to this particular medical practice. This parent might be said to suffer from cognitive dissonance.

3. PRIZM is like VALS and is based on attitudes.

4. When a patient has had a positive experience in a hospital’s emergency department, and assumes that the inpatient care may also be good, this is the process of generalization.

5. Social class divisions in society are relatively unstable.

6. Industrial buyer behavior differs from consumer behavior because the demand is derived demand.

7. Industrial buyers often have a buying center including many people across the organization who are involved in the purchase.

8. Individuals who control the information to the buying center are referred to as the gatekeepers.

9. When an organization needs to determine the cause of the problem, that is the time for exploratory research.

10. Data that was collected for another purpose is referred to as primary data.

11. Health Information Organizations are data mining companies often used in the pharmaceutical industry to broker prescription ordering information.

12. Government data used by a hospital in answering market research questions is secondary data.

13. A major limitation of observational research is that it cannot address why people behave the way that they do.

14. When data are collected from all members of the target population, this is called a complete random sample.

15. A telephone directory that is used to select people in a survey would be the sampling frame.

16. When each unit’s chance of being selected into a sample is equal then that is referred to as a simple random sample.

17. A company must target only one market segment to be effective.

Reference no: EM131037540

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