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Think deeply about the following questions and complete your journal entry:

- In the Executive Summary, Roberts (2012) states "A broad view of existing leadership literature suggests that - rather than simply offering new knowledge and skills - tomorrow's leadership development programs must fundamentally change the way people think" (p.

1). This is a weighty statement. Would you resist attempts to change your thinking? Do you perceive any influences that are attempting to change the way you think?

- Do you find Havel's quote on "the challenge of the coming century is to change the value system of society" (p. 4) to be positively or negatively provocative? Do you think that your value system is being challenged and changed by outside influences? How?

- The article concludes with ‘five take-home suggestions'. Which one(s) do you connect with? Why?

Please remember that a journal is not a diary. A diary is used to record factual information or events. A journal involves personal reflection and I've heard it described as a GPS for the spirit. It is introspective. It is all about self-examination. It is an exercise in self-awareness that certainly involves a good measure of critical thinking reflection should be 200-300 words.

Reference no: EM131060226

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