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A jar contains black and white marbles. Two marbles are chosen without replacement. If the probability of selecting a black marble and a white marble is 0.34, and the probability of selecting a black marble on the first draw is 0.47, find the probability of selecting a white marble on the second draw, given that the first marble selected was black

Reference no: EM1399193

Particular medical operation proves fatal-probability

A particular medical operation proves fatal in 1% of the cases. Find an approximation to the probability that there will be at least 2 fatalities in 200 operations.

How does turner define the frontier

"How Does Turner define the Frontier? Where was it located at any given point in American history before 1890? What did he mean by saying "the wilderness masters the colonis

Mis-communication in statistics

We often hear you can lie with statistics. This is one way of saying statistics can be easily mis-communicated. Find one example of how statistics are mis-communicated and e

Develop a scatter diagram

a. Develop a scatter diagram. b. Show correlation at the 0.05 significance level. c. Develop the regression line for the data. d. Add the regression line to your scatter d

Difference in means-mean noise level of stroke floors

The mean noise level of stroke floors in 20 different hospitals was 63.1 dBA, and the standard deviation was 4.1 dBA. The mean noise level for 24 hospital operating rooms wa

Complain about the service

A survey found that 62% of callers in the United States complain about the service they receive from a call center if they suspect that the agent who handled the call is for

Find mean number of seniors going to ohio state university

The number who will go to the Ohio State University is a binomial random variable. What is the mean number of seniors going to the Ohio State University?

Describe measures of central tendency to computes mean

A researcher computes the mean, the median, and the mode for a set of n = 50 responses to this question. Which of the following statements accurately describes the measures


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