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You are required to form a team of minimum three and maximum four members in week four of the session. Group members need to self enroll in a group by using Interact tool Groups.

In this assignment your task is to analyse and apply relevant OB theories to an episode of a TV show ‘The Office'. This TV shows portrays a dysfunctional team and hence, provides a good learning ground for understanding groups and teams in a work context.

video link :

As part of your report:

- Introduce the characteristics of the group based on the relevant OB concepts, such as size, purpose, context, group norms and roles
- Discuss and analyse the maintenance of the group
- Discuss and analyse the group task performance
- Evaluate the overall efficiency of the group in terms of the communication, leadership and decision making
- Propose recommendations for improving the success of the group

the word limit should be 1000 words. That means 500 words for above highlighted two tasks. You have to watch this link I have attached and write the answer according to the video clip. All the references should be journal articles.

No websites are allowed. As I have to submit this assignment in turnitin there should not be any plagiarism. I have attached the marking rubric as well.

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Reference no: EM13718196

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