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an item sells for $25 a unit, but a 10% discount is offered for lots of 150 units or more. A company uses this item as the rate of 20 units per day. The setup cost for ordering a lot is $50, and the holding cost per unit per day is $.30. The lead time is 12 days. SHould the company take advantage of the discount?

Reference no: EM13250450

How dunn should address cultural diversity in organization

Discuss how Dunn should address cultural diversity within the organization. Discuss the areas in the original plan that would require change to accommodate Dunn's role as a re

Decision variables and constraints for optimization problem

Howie Jones owns and operates Blue Ridge Hot Tubs, a company that sells two models of hot tubs: the Aqua-Spa and the Hydro-Lux. Howie purchases prefabricated fiberglass hot tu

Divergent enough to encourage lively debate

In today’s workplace, it is expected that workers will encounter technology in some form. There are varied perspectives regarding the use of technology in the workplace. Two p

How is the comparison for the integrated system

Where alpha is the market potential, e is the advertisement effort, and gamma is its marginal impact on sales. The cost function for the effort is represented by (1/2)ke2 wher

Determine the cost of goods sold-fifo cost flow

Nejedly Company completed 80,000 units during the year at a cost of $1,520,000. The beginning finished goods inventory was 8,000 units at $96,000. Determine the cost of goods

Air transportation safety and system stabilization act

Discuss how the Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act and the Homeland Security Act both financially assisted the airlines and increased their financial burde

Directing and managing project execution

Describe practices that should be followed in directing and managing project execution. What are deliverables such an important output of project execution? What are some of t

Compare impact of incentive pay on the total compensation

Compare the impact of incentive pay on the total compensation of Wal-Mart's CEO and the company’s average workers. Does the difference in the way pay is structured at these tw


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