Should every nation be democratic and free
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Prepare a 2-3 page paper using APA format discussing problem 12 in the "Problems to Ponder" section at the end of chapter 2. Be as specific as possible. Are poor countries somehow "different" than wealthy countries? How can firms and markets increase the wealth of poor countries? Be sure to address each question in the problem.

You may include a discussion of some of the Ten Principles of Economics in your paper.

Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

Please include citations to support your ideas. see below for question 12 Many social scientists say that poorer third world countries should reject models based on economic laws of universal validity.

According to them, there are no universal laws. Do you agree? What laws discussed in this chapter would not apply to poorer nations?

Should every nation be democratic and free? Which universal human rights should no government or citizen violate?

The right of free speech, religious conscience, a fair trial? Should property rights be enforced everywhere? If so how?


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There is always a gap in the economy between the richer and poorer type of people. The economy also starts reacting in a different way that effects the money supply in the market and defines the health of the poorer sector of the economy as well. The difference majorly lies on the dependency of the poorer countries on other countries for exports as well. This leads to the weakening of the country resources as well. The standard of living in both the countries defer and that is the major reason of the difference in the price structure and the wealth in the economy as well. The change in the development patterns and the increasing the small and medium business or linked platforms, it becomes difficult for these companies to perform up to their levels.The poorer countries when exposed to export opportunities so that they start establishing in the market and this would help them to be educated and take market decisions in a proper way.

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