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Choose two companies in the same industry and work on the criterion mentioned below:

a. Business Overview

b. Risk

c. Short Term Financial Policies of the business

d. Current Capital Structure

e. Current Dividend Policy

Format of the Report

1. You at least should have the following details:

a. Assignment Cover page clearly stating your name and student number

b. A table of contents

c. Executive summary

d. A brief introduction or overview of what the report is about.

e. Body of the report with sections to answer the above criterion and with appropriate section headings

f. Conclusion/Recommendation

g. Reference

2. Ensure all materials are correctly referenced. Plagiarism will be severely penalised.


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Executive Summary:

The repot has reflected the overall performance on financial aspects of both the companies Tesco Plc as well as Sainsbury Plc embraced in the retail market operation. Therefore, the significance of this particular study has determined the overall business overview of both the company.

The two retail giants have significantly considered the approach of generating higher profits so as to increase their financial performance in the economic year. Therefore, the application regarding the different situation has cumulative approached the risk of the business of both the company where the retail market activities have been summoned.

The overall capital structure of both the company has been determined in order to structure the significance of the different situation that can be generated to earn higher revenues. The dividend structure of both the companies has been determined in order to accustom the activities of the shareholders and their respective values for the company.

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