Share current examples of workplace safety issues

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This assignment asks you to locate and share current examples of workplace safety issues. Go to a recognized business or government periodical or website and provide a summary of a current (no more than 1 year old) issue dealing with workplace safety. Include a citation or link to your source. Submit your assignment as an attachment (.doc or docx), 2-3 Pages

Reference no: EM131315604

Analyze the article in the business source

Write a review that is a minimum of three(3) completely full pages in length of the article listed above. Include the following elements in your article review: an introduct

Relationship to the context of proper hr management

Identify and describe/explain any legal or ethical issue(s) and their relationship to the context of proper HR management. Discuss how the event/case/issue is relevant to the

Conduct comprehensive background checks

You are the HR Manager of a large child care center. The CEO has asked you to prepare a 2-3 page paper addressing how to conduct comprehensive background checks on employees

Articles relevant to blending a diverse workforce

You are required to research and choose articles relevant to blending a diverse workforce and post the article or link to an article for everyone to read. The post must incl

Topic from the third part of the course

Select a topic from the third part of the course--employee attitudes, satisfaction, benefits, diverse workforce, employee health and safety, work-life balance--that you thin

Bona fide occupational qualifications

Describe a BFOQ as might pertain to your current or ideal workplace and indicate when BFOQ's are legally permissible. Describe sex-stereotyping. Include an example with the de

Employee development human resources specialist

Once the training analysis is completed, the organization and employee development human resources specialist uses adult learning theories to turn the training needs into tr

Project part-culture analysis paper

You will be asked to analyze an organizational culture. This could be the organization you work with, or it could be some other organization to which you have access. Rememb


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