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Interview/Shadow a Project Management Professional or a Project Manager. How did he/she get started in the field? (be sure to document the industry, how many years he/she has been a PM, and if he/she is PMP) How has his/her career progressed? What advice would he/she give to someone considering a PM career?

Reference no: EM131138063

Discuss how project leadership played a role in its success

Describe a project that you were involved with, or are familiar with, that either succeeded or failed. Discuss how project leadership played a role in its success or failure.

Summerize a recent technology developed in biofuels

Does Intergovernmental Organizations, International Law, and Nongovernmental Organizations Make A Difference? explain Why, or why not? How do you find the bin values from give

Failure of strategy-implementation efforts

Although there are many marketing variables that impact the success or failure of strategy-implementation efforts, two variables are central to the process. What are these var

Firm use its strengths and competitive advantage to compete

Company: Fiat Electric Vehicles How does the firm use its strengths and competitive advantage to compete? Conduct a VRIO analysis to guide your evaluation of the firm's compet

What pitfalls should supervisors avoid at each step

Create your own definition of the decision making process. Why should supervisors write problem statements when defining the problem? What pitfalls should supervisors avoid

Develop a reliable bottom-up estimate

Determine the manner in which the project manager and project team uses the WBS to develop a reliable bottom-up estimate. Support your response with one (1) real-world examp

The reliefs granted by the privacy act for employees

Which of the following statements is true of the reliefs granted by the Privacy Act for employees? Cassandra and Luke are co-workers. Cassandra happens to overhear Luke’s tele

Concerns legal wrongs committed against the government

Generally accepted rules of correct conduct within the standards of a society are: Which of the following concerns legal wrongs committed against the government: In response t


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