Several identical machines operating simultaneously

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You want to build a factory. Your factory is composed of several identical machines operating simultaneously. Each machine breaks down exactly once every month in day at random. Unfortunately, as long as one machine breaks down, you Deed to shut down the whole factory, wasting the whole production for that day. How many machines should your factory haw so that you maximize your exected output? 

Reference no: EM131121502

Implement lean systems

What steps did Versatile take that permitted them to implement Lean Systems and how can a services organization overcome obstacles that might prevent them from adopting Lean S

Should the company consider discontinuing

Which channels of distribution mentioned do you think are most efficient and why? Should the company consider discontinuing or adding channels of distribution to its strateg

Determine the actions required to reform immigration

You have been tasked by the federal government to lead a committee to determine the actions required to reform immigration. You have to present your findings to Congress on Fr

Chase strategy-how many employees are needed in quarter

You are asked to make a sales and operation plan for the next year. The demand forecasts for the next four quarters are 3,100, 2,400, 4,200, and 3,550 units, respectively. The

Project teams often face problems with communication

If you calculate the person-hours devoted to IBM's team projects, they amount to more than 180,000 hours of management time each year. Do you think this is a wise investment o

What is the sigma level of the entire process

A manufacturing facility uses a four-step process to assemble an automotive component. The quality auditors have noticed that the quality of the first step is at the 4.5 sigma

Expertise in a certain field of scholarship or professions

In an open and honest discussion, create a list of your level of competency (strengths and areas to improve on) with respect to each of the five minds listed below. Provide yo

Compare the aim of global standardization

Compare the aim of global standardization of the HRM with the aim of realizing local responsiveness. How is the balance between those aims usually achieved? What are the advan


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