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Describe the product or service including brand/logo and packaging. In addition, use the following link, and visit the globalEdge website and describe how you would determine the prices to export your product/service for global consumption based on current economics and target market.

Reference no: EM131397328

How does the standardized versus localized

How does the "standardized versus localized" debate apply to advertising? How do the media options available to advertisers vary in different parts of the world? What can adve

Description of scrum teams in the scrum guide

Review the description of scrum teams in “The Scrum Guide.” How are agile teams different from traditional teams? How do you think those differences can contribute to flexibil

What is meant by positioning strategy

In the hospitality industry, most organizations are service-oriented. What is meant by automation with regard to the hospitality industry? How do you foresee automation and te

How do these controls lead to effective management

Using an organization with which you are familiar, identify ways through which feed-forward and feedback controls can be used to assure the high quality of its final outcome.

Job design-job redesign and workflow analysis

Job Design, Job Redesign, and Workflow Analysis" Please respond to the following: Analyze at least two reasons why job analysis is often described as “the foundation of human

Contrast two methods for collecting job analysis data

Compare and contrast two methods for collecting job analysis data, and then outline the pros and cons of each method. Provide specific examples to support your rationale. Eval

Part of reverse logistics process

Considering this week’s assigned readings, explain reverse logistics in your own words and provide an example of how you have been a part of a reverse logistics process, eithe

What is organizational culture positive and negative points

what is the organizational culture positive and negative points ? how might planning through benchmarking be use by the owner of the owner store? What would be a good thesis s


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