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An (extremely simplified) steel company must decide how to allocate next week’s time on a rolling mill. The mill takes unfinished slabs of steel as input, and can produce either of two semi-finished products, which we will call bands and coils. (The terminology is not entirely standard) The mill’s two products come off the rolling line at different rates: Tons per hour: Bands 200 Coils 140 and they also have different profitabilities: Profit per ton: Bands $25; Coils $30 To further complicate matters, the following weekly production amounts are the most that can be justified in light of the currently booked orders: Maximum tons: Bands 6,000 Coils 4,000. The question facing the company is as follows: If 40 hours of production time are available this week, how many tons of bands and how many tons of coils should be produced to bring in the greatest total profit? Solve it using: (a) Graphical Method (b) Using MS Excel Solver (c) Also generate Sensitivity Analysis report. On the report explain the dual value/Shadow value

Reference no: EM131030413

An authentic copy of the declaration of independence

A man went into a small country store when visiting a small town in New Hampshire. In the store, there was a barrel filled with items labeled as “old maps” for $10 each. After

Overforecasting demand create within a supply chain

What problems does overforecasting demand create within a supply chain? What problems does underforecasting demand create? What can a company do to resolve the problem of fore

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Do you think personality profiles are (a) effective in understanding people and (b) valuable in hiring employees or placing them in teams? Why/why not? What insights have you

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Research the structure of your own court systems of the state of Florida (both state and federal), provide the corresponding reporters for each court level and indicate which

Compute the order point

The firm currently has an end of period inventory on hand of 90 units and a scheduled receipt of 120 units is due in week. Compute the order point. depict the use requirements

Margin corresponds to the retailers average margin

Tech Company is a medium-sized consumer electronics retailer. The company reported $155,000,000 in revenues for 2007 and $110,050,000 in Costs of Goods Sold (COGS). In the sam

Focused on global expansion

As the Ritz-Carlton focused on global expansion, what did the company believe was its competitive advantage that would ensure success? How did the company approach globalizati

Dedicated to seeking wide range of talents

Managers are becoming more dedicated to seeking a wide range of talents from every group in American culture because they now realize there are distinct advantages to doing so


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