Select the right sample size for a simple random sample

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Select the right sample size for a simple random sample.

A random variable has a standard deviation of 16, and an unknown mean. Find the lowest size of a simple random sample so that the sample mean estimates the population mean with a standard error no larger than 0.25.

Reference no: EM1319188

Information about the native societies of islands

Do these excerpts from Columbus' log provide us with any useful information about the native societies of these islands?  For example, what?  Cite specific evidence.  (A cop

Estimate the true mean number of years to retirement

True mean number of years to retirement of its employees to within one month of the true mean and with 90% confidence if the range of the data is 7 years?

Estimation of mean for elephants

In a study of elephants a researcher wishes to determine the average weight of a certain subspecies of elephants. From previous studies, the standard deviation of the weight

Find out how many students weigh between

The mean weight of 500 students is 151 lbs and the standard deviation is 15 lbs. Assuming the weights are normally distributed, find out how many students weigh between 120 an

Analyzing data using spss glm procedure

Type the above data into the SPSS Data Editor window, or save this file as an unformatted text file and write SPSS syntax to read it in.

Solution of the directed chinese postman problem

(Solution of the Directed Chinese Postman Problem) Consider expanding the graph of the directed Chinese postman problem by duplicating arcs so that the number of incoming ar

Hypothesis testing-comparison of mean

A study to see how well marital dissolution was predicted by the personality scores of husbands and wives was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Probability of average for sample by distribution of costs

Assuming that the distribution of the costs is normal, what is the probability that the average for this sample is between $400 and $425?


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