Segments potential wireless providers should target

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1. Find a corporate report or proposal and discuss the research your topic and put together a written proposal.

2. What criteria should Ontela PicDeck B use to provide risk-adjusted recommendations on segments potential wireless providers should target?

Create positioning statements for your top 2 segments.

3. You will describe three ethnic and gender diversity issues in policing including ways to resolve them.


Reference no: EM132189024

Discussion and feedback guidelines provided in the resources

Discussion and Feedback guidelines provided in the Resources. A well-developed post, one that would be considered distinguished, will usually be between 250 and 300 words.

Calculate measurement error using mse and mad

Calculate and answer parts a through d and include calculations and spreadsheets in your post. Explain why moving average method was used instead of anothe forecasting method.

Beginning to use matrix organization structures

Many companies are beginning to use “matrix” organization structures. Think of an example where this structure would benefit the company. Does it benefit the employees?

Should the old welder be replaced by the new one

St. Johns River Shipyard's welding machine is 15 years old, fully depreciated, and has no salvage value. However, even though it is old, it is still functional as originally d

Member-leader relationships-conflict and communications

Most all of you either have belonged to a group or are currently in a group or multiple groups. Thus, this discussion is focus on that experience. You are to think about a gro

Major federal equal employment opportunity laws

Major federal equal employment opportunity laws have attempted to correct social problems of interest to particular groups of workers, called protected classes. Defined broadl

Starting in year one and continuing forever

What is the CW, when i=10% per year, of $1500 per year, starting in year one and continuing forever: and $10,000 in year five, repeating every four years thereafter

Prepare an ethics training program for the credit union

Imagine you have been asked to prepare an ethics training program for the credit union where you work. The program is supposed to reinforce your organization's commitment to i


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