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June Stewart worked as a waitress and attended a school for beauticians during the evening hours. A sink in her apartment broke and landed on her foot, breaking her big toe and making it painful for her to stand. Due to the injury she suffered, she had to give up her plan to become a beautician because that job requires long periods of standing. She also claimed that she was unable to work at her current job for a month. She filed a lawsuit against the management company of her apartment for negligence in failing properly to maintain the sink. She brought the lawsuit in federal district court, claiming damages of $85,000. Her medical expenses and actual loss of salary were less than $15,000; the rest of the damages she alleged were for the loss of future earnings as a beautician. The management company requested the court to dismiss the lawsuit because Stewart's claim was speculative and therefore the federal court lacked subject matter jurisdiction over her claim. The district court dismissed the suit, and Stewart appealed. Does the federal court have jurisdiction? Explain

Reference no: EM132279886

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