A brief history of design of earth retaining structures

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For the first design project, you need to conduct a quick research on the following topics:

  • A brief history of design of earth-retaining structures
  • Types of earth-retaining structures
  • Analysis and design methods (ASD and LRFD) in soil engineering
  • Design issues and considerations
  • Selection of the type and factors affecting the design
  • Analysis and design of support structure (pile, grade beam etc.)
  • Essential input data
  • Development of design documents

You may add to these topics depending on your opinion. I expect that you add at least one topic. Project-1 should include a brief explanation about each of the above issues. It may be 1500 to 5000 words. I would like to have your feedback about the Project-1. A possible format for the project will be

  • Cover page,
  • Introduction
  • Content sections (1, 2, 3 ... )
  • Conclusion
  • References

Academic requirements:

  • Your work must be submitted as writing (Total :2000 words) 
  • Student declaration must be completed.
  • The entire assignment brief and completed.
  • All work must be referenced using the APA method.
  • Provide a reference list

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This paper analyses the various earth retaining structures and the methods and various types of them. This also discusses various methods of soil engineering. The various issues therein have been considered and also the designs therein. The paper has been made to develop the inputs therein and also the design documents.

Reference no: EM131391009

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