Run ANOVAs to assess statistically significant results
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STATA Assignment -

Instructions: An organizational talent manager and/or trainer is interested in studying the relationship between the "quality" of a lesson and/or training as a function of "mode" of delivery. The internal consultant randomly assigns 33 employees to one of 3 groups: 1) Group 1 (the treatment group) receives the information interactively from an on-line website, Group 2 (control group 1) receives the training from a trainer, and 3) Group 3 (control group 2) receives the information from a videotape made by the same trainer. To determine if there is a difference in the mode of presentation, the internal consultant looks at 3 different ratings of the presentation: 1) difficulty, 2) usefulness, and 3) importance.

Test the assumptions surrounding MANOVA before using "trainer.dta" to assess quality by mode.

If your MANOVA gives statistically significant results, run 3 separate ANOVAs to assess whether statistically significant results exist between each measure of quality by mode.

Attachment:- STATA Assignment - Data File.rar

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