Routing and scheduling and between routing and zoning

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1. Distinguish between routing and scheduling and between routing and zoning. Explain how routing and scheduling can interact to complement the planning of an efficient day’s work.

2. A company that rents office equipment to businesses pays its salespeople a commission equal to the first month's rent. However, if the customer cancels or fails to pay its bills, the commission is taken back, even if the customer cancels 10 months later. Is this policy fair? Why or why not? Why would the company have this plan?

Reference no: EM132280527

Identify the components of a linear programming model

To provide much of the feed for the livestock, John wants to plant at least 1 acre of corn for each cow in the coming year's herd and at least 0.05 acre of wheat for each he

What is the difference between the task-based job analysis

What is the difference between the task-based job analysis and competency-based job analysis? In what situation do you prefer task-based job analysis? And in what situation do

What are benefits of both types of segmentation strategies

Geographic and demographic segmentation strategies are two of the most common strategies for segmenting markets. What would be included in each? What are the benefits of both

Why these two are reacting differently to their jobs

Tony and Carol work as home sales representatives. After work Tony often comes home a migraine headache and feeling emotionally exhausted. Tony has difficulty sleeping before

There are six basic limitations to information systems

There are six basic limitations to information systems. Discuss the different limitations, and how important are these barriers to overcome in putting an information system in

An employee develops carpal tunnel syndrome

An employee develops carpal tunnel syndrome from her home work station. She has permission from the company, who employs 200 + people, to work from home. She eventually has su

What role does jeli serve in mande society

What role does a jeli serve in Mande society? What does he or she sing about, and what is the principal musical instrument in our course materials that is used in the jeliya a

Evaluate internal processes-strategies within organization

Evaluate the internal processes or strategies within an organization in which you are involved, such as your workplace, school, church, or community group, in order to identif


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