Routing and scheduling and between routing and zoning

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1. Distinguish between routing and scheduling and between routing and zoning. Explain how routing and scheduling can interact to complement the planning of an efficient day’s work.

2. A company that rents office equipment to businesses pays its salespeople a commission equal to the first month's rent. However, if the customer cancels or fails to pay its bills, the commission is taken back, even if the customer cancels 10 months later. Is this policy fair? Why or why not? Why would the company have this plan?

Reference no: EM132280527

Products position is it''s image in the market

A product's position is it's image in the market. Most important, it is it's image in relation to competing brands. For example, if we say brand A is "strong", we mean strong

To understand how conflict interaction unfolds

To understand how conflict interaction unfolds, it is necessary to explore how climates are created and changed and the effect this has on the direction of conflicts. The clim

Illustrate what would be the minimum cycle time

Illustrate what would be the minimum cycle time that could be achieved if the production was split into 2 lots of 500 parts each. Illustrate what would be the minimum cycle t

The perfect target customer

What kind of web presence will be needed to reach the perfect target customer? Will blogging be among your marketing strategies? Online advertising? Why or why not? Would you

Classify as open-ended or close-ended

At least half of your questions should be open-ended and the other half should be closed. For each question, identify the type of probing question used: situation, problem, im

Nursing discrimination

Nursing Discrimination? You are in charge of the nursing staff in a major metropolitan hospital. Juan Flores, a Medical Doctor (MD) in the Philippines who came to work as a nu

What is the specific virtue and what are the vices

Do you think that there are such things as Human Rights. For example, do they think that all human beings as human have a right to freedom of speech or a right to life or heal

Implementing value network management

How would you describe the distinction between Supply Chain Management and Value Network Management? If you were a supply chain manager, which would you prefer to implement in


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