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Goldman says that sales and marketing departments frequently complain that their company's databases do not give them with information required for market planning, lead generation, and account management. What does author say is root cause of this problem? What does he suggest as the solution? To what extent are author's assertions consistent with real-world observations? Support the answer with experience and insights.

Reference no: EM1388089

What is the order of the leaf node

The order of a leaf node in B+ tree is the maximum number of (value, data, record pointer) pairs it can hold. Given that the block size is 1K bytes, data record pointer is 7 b

Triggers important in database systems

What are triggers used for, and why are they important in database systems? Provide an example of a situation where a trigger would be appropriate.

Sketch object-oriented model for private airport database

Sketch an object-oriented model for a small private airport database that is used to keep track of airplanes, their owners, airport employees, and pilots.

What is the best approach to conceptual database design

What is the best approach to conceptual database design? Why? Name and describe at least four reports the system should have. Explain their use. Who will use those reports?

Define database systems and data warehouses

Describe how that firms likely use or should use Management Information Systems, Information Systems and Information Technology as it relates to the various topics covered i

Modifying a database design in visio

1. Use Microsoft Visio (or open source equivalent) in which you: a. Modify the database diagram from Lab 1 with the entities and attributes that the scenario identified (i

Determine which response format would be the most effective

CIS375- Online questionnaires enable companies to gather data from a large number of possible responders. For a web-based questionnaire, determine which response format woul

Drawing active directory hierarchy in terms of forests

Draw Active Directory hierarchy in terms of forests, trees, domains, organizational units, and sites which are most suitable for this company and their security concerns.


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