Reworking findings to make them more useful or appealing

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1. Documents that focus on what people need to learn, do, or decide are:

A. business-centered.

B. organization-centered.

C. culture-centered.

D. reader-centered.

2. When others offer an opposing view, try to:

A. see the issue their way.

B. rephrase their position in your own words.

C. explore possible compromises they might accept.

D. reach agreement on what to do next.

3. Semi-technical audiences consist of:

A. informed persons as well as experts.

B. informed persons who are not experts.

C. laypersons.

D. laypersons and informed persons.

4. Reworking findings to make them more useful or appealing:

A. is not misleading.

B. carries no consequences for any party involved.

C. is unethical.

D. is a clever way to promote the company’s interests.

5. When trying to make sense of information, people should never:

A. determine which information is relevant.

B. ask with whom the information should be shared.

C. let the data speak for itself.

D. verify the accuracy of the source.

Reference no: EM131145922

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