Review of the marketing environmental forces
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The major assignment will be done individually. The major assignment requires a written business report of no more than 2500 words plus appendices. It is worth 45% to end of semester mark.  The assignment is to be submitted via Turnitin which will be explained to you in class in Week 2. There will be additional information explained in class by your lecturer as well as providing a Table of Contents. The assignment is divided into two sections with Section A due in Week 6 and Section B in Week 10

There are three (3) topics this semester which are

1. UBER in Australia



You are allocated a topic by your lecturer. Please be very careful the information you discuss with your peers.

Section 1 - due in Week 6 (approx. -1200 words):

a. The first section of the assignment is a review of the marketing environmental forces affecting the industry you have been allocated. You will need to examine each macro-environmental factor and identify the opportunities and threats it presents. Each factor will have at least one citation supporting it. Your fully explained SWOT for this section should be in a table.

b. There needs to be a discussion on the level of involvement for two target market segments you have identified in this section. In other words, perform a consumer audit on each of the segments you have recognised. Your complete answers are put in a Table in your appendix, but a brief explanation for both segments included in the main body. In addition, an explanation of both the internal and external influences affecting the buying behaviour of both segments should be included in this section.

c. Once you have an understanding of buyer behaviour on the particular industry, you will need to analyse their segmentation methods. Clearly explain why segmentation has been applied to your two (2) segments. In your explanation include: 3 demographics, 2 behavioural, 2 geographic and 1 psychographics variable and explain why in your report. A description of the different strategies used by the company in each of the segments you have identified should be at the end of this section.

d. At the end of the report, a positioning map indicating the segments identified and the variables used (not quality and price) should be included. There should be an explanation of any USP or competitive advantages the company possesses which will enable them to enter the segments you have determined.

e. Recommendation - which target market should they concentrate on in the future? In other words, choose one of the two segments you have suggested and explain why this is your preferred target market. The answer should be based on your analysis and is the focus for the next Assignment.

Section B - (approx. -1200 words):

Explain the marketing mix for the target market identified in Part (e) in Section A. You will need to consider only three elements of the marketing mix, but they need to be explained thoroughly. You will need to explain product and promotion, plus one of the other elements available: place, price, physical evidence, process and people. 

There should be ample evidence of research and preparation. Marketing texts will provide you with a good basis for the theory, whilst industry reports, newspapers, magazines and company web-sites will provide you with specific examples. No use of Wikapedia, MBA.com or equivalent to be used in the report. There will be consequences if they are included in terms of mark reductions.  The use of these web-site will be incur a 5% deduction in your mark.

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    Australian student, need Section 1 – due in Week 6 (worth 20% and approx. -1200 words) only And you need to write it on SUBWAYS. I sent one additional file about fast food is only to provide information which might help u to write. Kindly use Harvard style for the references.

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    Writing and formatting: General writing issues such as poor spelling, grammar, English expression, formatting, and the like will attract penalties ranging from 10% to 100% of the total assignment marks depending on severity. This is to be formatted as a business report (not an essay) and is to be written as if you are an independent business consultant. Your assignment is to be formatted as follows: Word document format only, A4 size, One (1) single file, 12 point font, Fully justified paragraphs, 1.5 spaced, Made up of Title Page, Background Summary, Table of Contents, and relevant headings. Referencing format to be used is Harvard Referencing.

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    Assignments must be submitted by the due date. Students should complete the Assignment Cover Sheet (available from the Student Portal under Students / Forms), attach it to their assignment and then submit the completed assignment as outlined in the assignment details. (Assignments will not be accepted at Deakin College Reception). All Assignments will be submitted via Turnitin.

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    Students must keep a copy of each assignment submitted and must be able to produce the copy in the unlikely event that the original assignment is misplaced. Students must maintain backup copies of all their assignment work. Electronic loss of data is common, but is NOT a satisfactory excuse for an extension of a submission date. Penalties for late submissions: Assignments received late and without prior approval will be penalised. A penalty of 5% of the available marks will be deducted for every day the assignment is late. Assignments received after 5 days without an approved extension, will not be marked. Please read the course guide and listen to your lecturer and look on the portal for more information.

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