Retrieve information instantly on demand using an mis

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Information is one part of decision making, with managers being the other. What is the difference between the ability of a manager to retrieve information instantly on demand using an MIS (Management Information System) and the capabilities provided by a DSS (Decision Support System)? What experiences and qualifications are important in preparing managers for "fact-based" decision making and how are the skills needed for DSS obtained?

Reference no: EM1389037

Process is reciprocal of theoretical flow time of process

The theoretical capacity of a process is the reciprocal of the theoretical flow time of the process. Do you agree? Explain. Comment on the statement, “To maximize profitabilit

Using the company sexual harassment policy

At the end of Rex's first year as an associate, Patty calls him into her office and tells him that he is not partnership material and he should consider looking for a job else

About strategy-budgets and motivational practices

Given what you know about strategy, budgets, and motivational practices, describe the perfect compensation system-- one that rewards appropriately while simultaneously insurin

Market structure for the companys operations

Outline a plan that will assess the effectiveness of the market structure for the companys operations - determine the market structure in which the low-calorie food company op

Based dating site called fluente

You represent top management for a US Based Dating Site called "Fluente", and you have decided it is time to go international to the country of Brasil. You have locations in L

What were your two ideas and why did you offer them instead

You have just opened a restaurant with your best friend who is a food master. Obviously your job is to manage the business. He wants to advertise on television but you disagre

What are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online

Do shoppers really enjoy the online shopping experience? Compare and contrast the experience of shopping at your favorite retail store with the experience of shopping online.

Calculate the control limits for a p control chart

We have taken 11 samples of 96 bulbs each from a manufacturing line and found the following proportions of defectives: .04, .06, .03, .02, .05, .03, .02, .04, .04, .05, and .0


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