Responsibilities of a finance executive

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As a finance and economics final year student, explain:

1. What are the main duties and responsibilities of a finance executive?

2. What are limited liability companies? What are its two types?

3. What is capitalization? What is its importance?

Reference no: EM131190308

Which is generally not true and an advantage of going public

FIN 540- Which of the following is generally NOT true and an advantage of going public? Which of the following statements is most CORRECT? Which of the following statements co

What will happen to the operating cash flows

You are in charge of a project that has a degree of operating leverage of 2.64. What will happen to the operating cash flows if the number of units you sell increase by 4 pe

Maximum possible gain and loss

An investor bought 200 shares of stock at $50. The stock now sells for $70 and the investor writes a 70 call for $3.50. What is the maximum possible gain and loss in this co

Modigliani miller model to find firm value

Suppose there are two firms operating in the same industry. The two firms are almost identical. The only difference is their capital structure. Firm UU has only equity while f

Evalutate capital structure of clorox company

This problem asks you to measure the capital structure policies of The Clorox Company as of fiscal year-end 2007. Your aim will be to decide whether Clorox's use of debt fin

What is the nal of the lease

Assume that Big Sky Mining will continue to use the machine beyond the expiration of the lease and must purchase it at an estimated residual value of $250,000 at the end of th

Compute the covariance

Suppose you are planning investing in two stocks, Pelts, Corporation, that manufactures fur coats, and PITA, Corporation, a for-profit animal-rights advocacy group. Pelts and

What is your new expected value of gtt

At the start of the case, each offer has an equal probability of occurring so the expected value of the GTT is $24. After receiving information that GTT will not be $20, wha


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