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Case Study Assigned: General Electric after GE Capital Overview This is your second case study assignment out of four. For this assignment, you will need to access the full-length case study you have been assigned at the top of this page within your Case Studies eText. You are required to read and analyze this case study. Your analysis must: List in bullet format: Resources Capabilities Core Competencies Discuss and describe the business strategy currently being used by the company (minimum of 1 page) Provide a total of four findings of fact; 1 from the following four functional areas of business: Management Marketing Finance or Accounting Business Ethics Provide a full justification and recommendation for each finding of fact (minimum of 1 page each) rojhermel case study book.

Reference no: EM132281127

Legal problem with european community

JiggleTown Inc. has been accused of violating the Anti-trust law time to time. JT Inc. had the legal problem with European Community(EC). Do you think Monopoly business practi

Hr technology that enhances employee and manager

Merritt continues by offering "HR technology that enhances employee and manager self-services at less total cost is a win for our clients and customers, and HR outsourcing i

What are the types of business entities

Josh Smith is an engineering student at CBU. He has contacted you regarding a product idea. He has an idea for a software program and sensor to alert a driver if a child is le

What is comprehensive or integrated-rural development

Briefly state the economic and noneconomic arguments in favour of land reform in Latin America and the Caribbean. What is comprehensive, or integrated, rural development? What

Paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying

Select one of the benefits of using the scientific method, and describe why it is beneficial.  Your response should be a minimum of 200 words in length. . All sources used, in

Deception with electronically mediated communication

There is a greater potential for deception with electronically mediated communication (EMC) than with face-to-face communication. What other ethical issues arise with EMC? Wha

Phase of evaluating alternatives in decision-making process

Explain the importance of emotional intelligence? Explain why you should aim to be both a specialist and a generalist in your future career? Differentiate between the various

Given the complexities and risks involved with supply chains

Given the complexities and risks involved with supply chains, might it make sense for a business organization to vertically integrate and be its own supply chain? From a syste


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