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Case Study Assigned: General Electric after GE Capital Overview This is your second case study assignment out of four. For this assignment, you will need to access the full-length case study you have been assigned at the top of this page within your Case Studies eText. You are required to read and analyze this case study. Your analysis must: List in bullet format: Resources Capabilities Core Competencies Discuss and describe the business strategy currently being used by the company (minimum of 1 page) Provide a total of four findings of fact; 1 from the following four functional areas of business: Management Marketing Finance or Accounting Business Ethics Provide a full justification and recommendation for each finding of fact (minimum of 1 page each) rojhermel case study book.

Reference no: EM132281127

Describe as stakeholders in a foreclousre law firm

Who would Identify and describe as stakeholders in a foreclousre law firm. How are members of the United States senate selected? How many senators represent California? How ma

Instruments has two manufacturing plants

Davis Instruments has two manufacturing plants in Atlanta, Georgia. Project demand varies considerably from month to month, causing Davis extreme difficulty in workforce sched

Nutritional standards are satisfied to proper weigh gain

Cattle are sent to a feedlot to be grain-fed before being processed into beef. The owners of a feedlot seek to determine the amounts of cattle feed to buy so that the minimum

Summer place property

Charles and Mary Gunderson owned a house at 532 Summer Place, N.Y. (the Summer Place property) as tenants by the entirety. They had three children: Barbara Gillis, Joan Wallen

Main contributions to the field of quality management

What are Taguchi's main contributions to the field of quality management? What makes his contributions unique compared to those of other quality gurus (e.g., Deming, Juran, et

How do these fees help move investment product

Please discuss your thoughts on the 12b-1 charge and the new fiduciary rule for advisers. How are they related? From a business perspective how do these fees help move investm

Evaluating environmental and industry influences

Evaluating environmental and industry influences that create strategic opportunities or issues. Using theories and models of strategy to increase knowledge of an organization'

Made contributions to the judge election campaign

During a court case, it was determined that both the litigants and their attorneys had made contributions to the judge's election campaign. It was therefore ethically essentia


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