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Question 1: Research suggests that problem solving is essential to success (Kopeikina, 2005). Securing clarity in the decision making process

that leads to problem solving is pertinent for successful outcome potential. Triggers that takes a problem or opportunity into a decision making situation is the first

significant step in the decision-making process. 

Class, What are some of the underlying elements that we should identify when defining a problem? Explai
Reference: Kopeikina, L. (2005). The right decision every time: How to reach perfect clarity on tough decisions.Pearson: New York.

Question 2: Research suggests "decisions under uncertainty should be judged by the quality of decidion-making, not by the quality of the consequences" (Kopeikina, 20015, p. 14).

Class, what factors affect the willingness to consider alternative solutions? Explain.


Kopeikina, L. (2005). The right decision every time: How to reach perfect clarity on tough decisions. Pearson: New York.

Reference no: EM13861699

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