Research paper on dawn of civilization 1450 CE
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Prepare a Research Paper on Dawn of Civilization 1450 CE

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You must write a 10 page paper using 7 scholarly citation n your paper you must describe your topic, making use of the scholarly sources cited in your bibliography.

The paper must be on Dawn of Civilization 1450 CE and the topic choice was Roman empire and you must write about there Warfare (Armies, Battles, Weapons and war When writing the paper make sure you have 7 scholary cites)

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Rise and Spread of Roman Empire through Military Conquest


The Roman Empire was one of the most important political entities in the Western civilization. It spread quickly and widely to cover the present day Scotland to Gibraltar. The empire covered the areas such as Rhineland and the Black Sea. It also covered Turkey, some parts of North Africa, and the Mediterranean Sea. It is clear that the empire was expansive. The empire became into existence in the year 753 BC. This fact has been confirmed by archeological evidence.

During the expansion of the empire, the government enjoyed a period of political stability. The efficiency of the government brought huge political success. Augustus, for example, is described as the ablest emperor. He played a significant role in economic prosperity of the empire. After the death of Augustus, the successive leaders also played the role in maintaining and preserving the stability of the empire. The rise and the consequent spread of Roman Empire happened through military conquest. The military conquest used by Roman Empire played a critical role in the expansion such that the aftermath of these key battles affected the future or Rome and her people.

Factors that lead to the Rise of Roman Empire

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