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Research Topics: Digital Forensics Challenges

Limiting the focus to no more than 3 of the current challenges facing Digital

You are required to write a 7-8-page research paper, double-spaced, on "Digital" Forensics Challenges . The paper has to be well referenced, you need to do academic research on the topic then, the research will lead to a conclusion of what current Challenges in Digital Forensics are. For the purposes of a graduate-level research paper, all references (APA 6th edition) must be academically strong, meaning from scholarly journals and published in the last 3-5 years.

Once you have enough information to write a 7-8-page paper, the next step is to create an outline. Write a draft report from the outline, proofread and revise to complete the final paper. Provide a reference citation for EVERY statement of fact you include in your paper. Do NOT string together direct quotes from reference sources to create a narrative in the report. More than three quotes within the paper will be too many. Write in your own words and include quote marks for ALL material copied from other sources. Remember, a literature review tells what other experts and researchers have discovered, NOT what you know or think. Save your own opinions about what all the facts mean for the conclusion of the review.


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In this paper, digital forensics challenges have been discussed.Digital forensics is the process of uncovering and interpreting electronic data.Technological challenge, resource related issue and legal challenges of digital forensics have been explained.In the final section, a short list of recommendations are given.

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    Please write in your own word to avoid the Professor The report should exhibit graduate-level writing, in terms of grammar, punctuation, format, quality of analysis, coherence, insight, logical flow, and reasoning. The paper is NOT an essay, it is to be a research report based fully on facts and data derived from appropriate sources in the literature. Provide a reference citation for EVERY statement of fact you include in your paper. Do NOT string together direct quotes from reference sources to create a narrative in the report. plagiarism report needed

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