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1) Research and compare behavior assessment instruments available on the market today. Select and evaluate two behavior assessment tools by completing a complimentary assessment. Summarize your experiences, comparing the two instruments in relation to human behavior, and determine the key sources of internal influence on motivation for each style of behavior. Include explanations of at least two theories for both internal and external influences and an example of each in the work place.

2) Research and compare individual learning styles. Compare and contrast learning styles with motivational theories and behavior styles. Create a reference chart to summarize your findings to include sample learning objectives, and include the differences in instructional design strategies to appeal to different learning styles to maximize learning.

Reference no: EM13546800

Identify and discuss examples of the tragedy of the commons

1. - To what extent can and should we rely on government to solve environmental problems? 2. - Identify and discuss examples of the Tragedy of the Commons ?  How can tragedie

Number of methods for risk identification

Q1- From our readings in the PMBOK® Guide, we have seen that a number of methods for risk identification exist. Please choose one of the methods-one not chosen by another

Mccullough immediately encountered problems

Deborah McCullough bought a new car from Bill Swad Chrysler, Inc. The car was protected by both a limited warranty and an extended warranty. McCullough immediately encounter

As manager of a customer service center

As manager of a customer service center, you want to help improve communications between employees and customer. In this assignment, compose an email to be sent to all CSR (

What are the behaviours

How would you define your attitude, and that of your leadership or C-Suite, towards employees? Can you locate good and bad behaviours that seem to have a knock-on effect? What

Technology and learning

How is technology like Twitter, Prezi, or screen capture, like Kahn Academy uses, changing the way that people learn? How you could use the concept of "flipping the classroom"

An american colonist of the revolutionary era

Based your reading of McCullough's 1776, put yourself in the mindset of an American Colonist of the Revolutionary Era. How optimistic would you have been that the Patriot f

Three behaviours of yuki

Based on the given article that Yuki has identified three behaviours: 'inspiration', 'developing' and 'empowering' at the dyadic (ie, pairs), group and organisational levels


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