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Some states are required to balance their budgets at all times. When a recession starts, is this requirement stabilizing or destabilizing? Explain your answer.

Reference no: EM132201035

Find the cross price elasticity of demand

If the price of good A decreases by 5% and the quantity demanded of good B increases 10.2%, find the cross price elasticity of demand. Are the goods substitutes or complements

Define mercantilism

Define Mercantilism, Pick a country and talk about the products they import and export with the U.S.A. Also talk about the composition of trade with relation of abundance of

Difference between nominal and real GDP

Compare and contrast the difference between nominal and real GDP. Explain the challenges that an economy will be facing if GDP is constantly changing for the various stakehold

What was government spending

In the economy of Qonos in 2067 exports were $670, GDP was $8,652, imports were $1,281, investment was $1,544 and consumption was $2,325. What was Qonos's government spending

Universal insurer-bowing to intense lobbying pressure

Imagine a community with only one insurance company that provides coverage to everyone in that community (a universal insurer). Currently, the payer does not pay anything for

Maximum price that a few of the consumers are willing to pay

The maximum price that a few of the consumers are willing to pay is $0.20 per pound of cheese, and the price floor is set at $0.17 per pound. With the price floor at $0.17 per

Savings account pays

After getting her first job, a college graduate wants to begin saving money so she can pay cash for a new car. She wants to save enough each month to have $24,000 at the end o

Firm profit in case of its profit-maximizing output level

A firm, which is operating in the conditions of perfect competition, produces good Y. The production function of this firm is y(x) = 20x1/2 , where y denotes the quantity of o


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