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Some states are required to balance their budgets at all times. When a recession starts, is this requirement stabilizing or destabilizing? Explain your answer.

Reference no: EM132201035

Assumption made under perfect competition

Sort the list below according to whether or not an item is an assumption made under perfect competition (aka pure competition or competitive industry). Assumed in perfect comp

Nash equilibrium-set up the game as a simultaneous move game

After a few years of monopoly, the family that owns the Coca-cola monopoly gets in a fight, and they split the company in two. Now there are two large Coca-cola retailers in y

What is the size of the deadweight loss caused by monopolist

The monopolist's marginal cost of production is constant at $11 per product unit. What is the size of the deadweight loss caused by the monopolist choosing to supply 10 unit

Discussion of the opposing position

In your paper include a discussion of the opposing position along with your rebuttal (of that opposing position). For instance, if you decided to write a paper explaining that

Explain the shape of the long-run average cost curve

Your rich relative died and left you $100,000, which you decided to use for your own Internet business. What will be your fixed and variable costs? Briefly discuss.

What is annual value of investment cost

Florida is considering construction of a flood control dike having a life span of 16 years. The investment require is $60,00 and annual maintenance costs of $5,000. The projec

Regarding government intervention in the economy

Classical model (against government intervention) and the Keynesian (in favor of government intervention) views regarding government intervention in the economy. what events a

Calculate short-run equilibrium values

Assume that a large open economy with a floating exchange rate is described in the short run by the equations: Calculate short-run equilibrium values of Y, r, C, I, CF, NX, e,


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