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A position has just opened in another department at the company where you work. While you have a lot of experience in your current job, the new position would require you to learn about new products and procedures. Write a letter to the hiring manager at your company expressing your interest in the new position, relating your accomplishments in your current position, and describing how your skills will help you succeed in the new position.

Reference no: EM131367731

Crubrew has signed a year-long contract to purchase

CruBrew uses 100 bags of whole bean coffee every month. Currently, CruBrew has signed a year-long contract to purchase its coffee beans from a domestic supplier (DS), locate

What are the major trends affecting persons career

What are the major trends affecting a person's career today? What are the issues that my generation will have to deal with? What are my biggest concerns for the future? What w

System reliability and expected failure cost per part

Consider an electric part with two components in series (component A and component B). Component has a reliability of 88%, while component B has a reliability of 94%. It is kn

Contemporary strategy analysis

With reference to Strategy Capsule 3.1, use the five forces framework to explain why profitability has been so high in the US market for smokeless tobacco. Do you think this p

Provides consulting services to improve business processes

Scott Rock Consultants (SRC) is a professional services firm that provides consulting services to improve business processes. Many of SRC services fall under the areas of orga

Topic of the expected-value decision rule

Conduct an Internet and literature search on the topic of the expected-value decision rule. Discuss your findings. In your discussion, review how the expected-value decision

Demand is also a variable and normally distributed

Gainesville Cigar stocks Cuban cigars that have variable lead times because of the difficulty in importing the product: Lead time is normally distributed with an average of 7

Objective function and constraints in simple verbal terms

Burger Office Equipment produces two types of desks, standard and deluxe. Deluxe desks have oak tops and more-expensive hardware and require additional time for finishing and


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