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A position has just opened in another department at the company where you work. While you have a lot of experience in your current job, the new position would require you to learn about new products and procedures. Write a letter to the hiring manager at your company expressing your interest in the new position, relating your accomplishments in your current position, and describing how your skills will help you succeed in the new position.

Reference no: EM131367731

What are follower-centered approaches to leadership

Explain the extent to which under armour participates in international markets. Identify the different countries to which the company markets. Explain fully your understanding

Perfection bar set for particular business process

If the buyer has a "perfection bar" set for a particular business process, how is the seller ever supposed to achieve it? How would you, as the buyer, structure your contract

Manufacturers use promotional tools to coax distributors

Manufacturers use promotional tools to coax distributors to focus on their products. Which of the following describes why manufacturers need to receive distributor support?

Performance appraisal-career system and reward system

Assume that your company manufactures and distributes small household electronic items such as iron boxes, microwaves, toasters, mini-ovens, electric frying machines, etc. As

Explains the collaborative efforts of hurricane katrina

Responses are to be in your own words, but tie it back to what you learned from the book. I don't want you to quote the book, but in your writing reflect back to the message f

Especially in political systems touting freedom

We often assume many notions about law and legal systems. In the end, legal systems are systems of social control – an elaborated system for managing the behavior of citizens.

Introduction of leading across boundaries

Respond to the following question taken from the Introduction of Leading Across Boundaries by Russell M. Linden. Responses are to be in your own words, but tie it back to what

Creation of code of ethics for an organization

Arthur and Nicole are having an argument over the creation of a code of ethics for an organization. Arthur is of the view that it would be good for organizations to follow adv


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