Requests 2 numbers from the user and then passes

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Write a program in java that requests 2 numbers from the user and then passes these 2 numbers to a method findMax that displays the largest number. Make sure your method is called fron main(). Test the method by passing various data to it.

PART B: Store each class (one for main and a different one for findMax) in seprate files and then compile each class. you will need to change the call to findMax to include its class name. Execute the class that contains main

Reference no: EM13165399

Create your own unique java application to read all data

Create your own unique Java application to read all data from the file echoing the data to standard output. After all data has been read, display how many data were read

Maximum number of processes

The amount of disk space that must be available for page storage is related to the maximum number of processes, n, the number of bytes in the virtual address space, v, and the

Write an application that plays "guess the number"

Write an application that plays "guess the number" as follows: Your application chooses the number to be guessed by selecting an integer at random in the range 1-1000. The a

Develop view for order number and order total in file

Develop a view named OrdTot. It comprises of order number and order total for each order currently on file. Order total is the sum of number ordered.

Rectangle of the same size and top left corner

Write a Java statement to initialize a variable square with a rectangle object whose top left corner is (10, 20) and whose sides all have length 40. Then write a statement t

Develop java application to add a contact into contact table

Develop a Java application to add a contact into the contact table, and display all contacts in the contact table. The contact table contains two columns, FullName, and Phon

Create a calorie counter application

Create a calorie counter application. The user should be able to set a daily calorie maximum using preferences. Individual meal entries can be entered for the day and all in

Modify the scholarship application

Modify the Scholarship application so that if a user enters a grade point average under 0 or over 4.0, or a negative value for either of the activities, an error message appea


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