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Create a fantasy company. You decide the product that is to be produced (it may be information, services, or a tangible product), but your company must have at least 15 regular employees*. Include the following things in your assignment:

(1) Name of your company and product - Name is: Rose's Personal Concierge Services and the product is services such as restaurant reservations, pet grooming, grocery shopping, etc.

(2) Number of employees and the jobs that they hold - I will have 15 employees:  2 Managers, 3 Supervisors, 10 Concierge

(3) Authority structure (i.e., Is your company decentralized, bureaucratic, authoritarian, or something else entirely?);

(4) An organizational chart, to include lines of authority and reporting 10 concierge report to the 3 supervisors and the three supervisor report to the 2 managers. (note: should include individuals, not just job functions);

(5) A geographic location - Orlando, FL (note: must be within one of the 50 United States);

(6) A strength (must be one and only one of the following: limited competition, high-demand product, strong leadership, rapid adaptability, or large amount of capital);

(7) Pick a weakness (must be one of the following, but by all means pick as many as you wish: heavy competition, high turnover, heavily leveraged, or sluggish organizational structure) a weakness would be lack of qualified and talented individuals;

(8) A company logo (note: Use your artistic abilities the best you can. This is not an art class, so do the best you can and leave it at that.);

(9) A catchphrase or something else to go on your advertising (e.g., "We don't make the products you buy, we make the products you buy better." is a memorable one for BASF); and finally

(10) The industry in which your company is classified according to the North American Industry Classification System 2007 codes (NAICS; available at:

*According to EEOC Notice Number 915.002 (Date 5/2/1997), "the "ultimate touchstone" in determining whether an employer has a sufficient number of employees to satisfy the jurisdictional prerequisite for coverage under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, 42 U.S.C. § 2000e(b), is "whether an employer has employment relationships with 15 or more individuals for each working day in 20 or more weeks during the year in question." Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Walters v. Metropolitan Educational Enterprises, Inc., 117 S.Ct. 660, 666 (1997

Additional Information:

The question is from Human Resource Management as well as it is about conceptualization of new organization. The organization provides personal concierge services and human resources strategy has to be formulated. This comprises the employees and their job descriptions and an organizational chart which comprises the role and responsibilities and chain of authority in organization.

Total Word Limit: 541 Words

Reference no: EM13829160

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