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Do you think Fox-conn should be responsible for multiple suicides of its workers in China? Given the relationship between Fox-conn and Apple. Do you think Apple should respond to it? How can such tragedy be prevented?

Reference no: EM131256017

Post a list of the characteristics of the executive leader

Develop and post a list of the characteristics of the executive leader that distinguish a leader from a manager. Explain the reasoning for selecting the chosen leader and for

Identify and explain unethical business behavior or practice

Identify and explain the unethical business behavior or practice. Conduct research about the Unethical Practice and the impact of the practice on the company and stakeholder

Different strategic approach

While PetSmart's prices are 11 percent lower on an average than Petco's, it stresses the services offered in its stores to boost revenues and profitability.Petco's strategy

Maximum price the airline

What is the maximum price the airline should be willing to pay for a new A-320neo? Note:  This computation is easiest to perform using MS Excel. The Excel computations may b

Importance of training and support

Write a 3-page paper that explains the importance of training and support after software is implemented.  Describe the methods whereby training materials can be delivered to t

Illustrate what is the inventory turnover for the hamburger

Assume which the hamburger costs $1.00 a pound. Illustrate what is the inventory turnover for the hamburger patties? On average, explain how many days of supply are on hand?

Process impact the outcome of the event

Think about the last event you had to plan for either at work or in your personal life. Did you have a process? How did having or not having a process impact the outcome of

Work out the total output per day

a. Work out the total output per day for the entrepreneurs? b. Who has the absolute advantage in producing hats & shoes per hour c. Who has the comparative advantage in produc


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