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The value chain components include the Inputs, Operations, Outputs, Marketing & Sales, and Customer Service. The value chain can be seen in relation to the “Game of Business” with inputs, operations, outputs being on the cost side of the game, with marketing and sales & customer service being on the value side of the game.

How has IT affected business in respects to the components of the value chain and the dimensions of cost and value in the “Game of Business”? Give specific IT examples from the readings and videos as they relate to the value chain and the game of business.

Discuss the above question for each of the following areas:

1) Discuss the overall concept of the value chain in light of IT in business.

2) Discuss each of the components of the value chain in relation to IT in business.

3) Choose one of the two following areas of the “Game of Business” and discuss how IT in business has affected that area.

(1) Cost side of the Game in relation to Inputs, Operations, and Outputs

(2) The Value side of the Game in relation to Marketing & Sales, and Customer Service.

Reference no: EM131129839

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