Reducing inventory and affecting financial performance

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Provide some great ways an organization can reduce inventory! The text talks about two performance measures that can assist with this, Cash-to-Cash Cycle and Gross Margin Return on Inventory (GMROI). What do these measures do and how can they be beneficial in reducing inventory and affecting financial performance?

Reference no: EM131267844

Discuss the social-ethical and political issues

Discuss the social, ethical, and political issues that an information system raises in an organization. How can an organization ensure that these issues are not abused? Please

The cost of operating in an out of control state

You are a Quality Control consultant. You design control systems such in order to minimize the overall expected cost per hour. This afternoon you are planning to meet with two

What is role of competitive advantages in hyundai''s success

What are the roles of comparative and competitive advantages in Hyundai's success? Illustrate your answers by providing specific examples of natural and acquired advantages

Running short of the item on the day of the sale

A department store will place a sale item in a special display for a one-day sale. Previous experience suggests that 32 percent of all customers who pass such a special displa

What are the different decisions we make in supply chains

Explain three data gathering methods. (forecasting) What is the advantage and drawback of qualitative forecasting? What are the different decisions we make in supply chains?  

What is optimal order quantity-annual holding and setup cost

The Thomas Lee Press publishes a wide variety of books. One of their steady sellers is Operations Management, now in its fifth edition. Lee expects that the next edition of th

Cost low is important to profit margin and market share

Creating solid value in a company is important but paying attention to perceived value is equally as important. Keeping quality high while keeping production cost low is impor

How much fertilizer should be added per pot

A greenhouse manager is growing house plants in 1.0 kg soil/pot and wishes to use a 10-5-5 fertilizer to mix uniformly into the soil to result in 15 ppm N in the soil. Show al


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