Recording nitrate result without adding reagents

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You inoculate an unknown strain of bacteria into a phenol red lactose broth and a nitrate broth. After incubation, you see significant bubbles in the Durham tubes of both tests. Can you record the nitrate result without adding reagents? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM1395670

What is the probability of being homozygous dominant

A cross is made between two true-breeding strains of zucchini. One has green fruit and the other has yellow fruit. The F1 plants are all green. When the F1 plants are crosse

Estimate order of genes on the hfr1 chromosome

You have an F- strain of E. coli that is resistant to strepto- mycin (Str(r)) but requires the following amino acids for growth on minimal medium: arginine, cysteine, methioni

Which types of progeny will be produced

Which types of progeny will be produced when ovules from a variegated four o'clock plant are fertilized with pollen from a green plant? Only variegated progeny Green, white,

List the order of of passage of list through the eye ball

list the order of of passage of list through the eye ball using the following: lens, tunica vasculosa, vitreous humor, cornea, tunica ch pupil, posterior & anterior chamber.

Identifying the organism as a land plant

On a field trip, a student in a marine biology class collects an organism that has  differentiated organs, cell walls of cellulose, and chloroplasts with chlorophyll a.

Why dna gyrase unwinds the dna double helix

Which of the following statements about DNA replication is true? Okazaki fragments are DNA fragments synthesized on the leading strand. Single?strand binding proteins stabil

What is the final concentration of the cells

You have 0.05 mL of an undiluted culture at a concentration of 3.6 x 106 CFU/ml. You then add 4.95 mL sterile diluent. what is the dilution, and what is the final concentrat

Find probability that one of the children have galactosemia

Galactosemia is an autosomal recessive human disease that is treated by restricting lactose and glucose in the diet. Susan Smithers and her husband are both heterozygous for


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