Recognize one high severity vulnerability for computer

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Reference no: EM1381784

By using GUI Nmap scan IP addresses, and from those results reply these questions:

a) Which host had highest number of vulnerabilities?

b) Determine least number of vulnerabilities?

c) What operating systems are running on computers?

d) Write down numerous services running on each computer?

e) Recognize one high severity vulnerability for each computer (if there is one). Explain vulnerability and describe control(s) to minimize risk from vulnerability.

Reference no: EM1381784

How does a client send a string ti the server using udp

How does a client send a string ti the server using UDP? Show what the client would do to get data from some string, and create a datagram packet destined for a server at "www

Digit decimal seconds counter using two 7-segment displays

Write a program that implements a two digit decimal seconds counter using two 7-segment displays.  Make this program using java programming. Make this program in simple way.

Represent relationship between the students and the courses

1. Implement relationship using a java program. Assume each course has a course title, code, subject and number of credits while each student has a name, registration number,

Simulate distributing furniture from wholesale to stores

A Wholesale furniture distributing company in Florida is providing furniture to 4 furniture stores. Write an application to simulate distributing furniture from Whole sale c

Implementation of a simple java class

The purpose of this lab is to gain experience in the design and implementation of a simple Java class.  You will create a class definition and write a simple main method tha

Draw an inheritance diagram show relationship among entities

Consider the following description. Every employee and every student is a person. Draw an inheritance diagram showing the relationship among the entities. Mark clearly the nam

Number of columns in the second matrix

Write a method multiply() that takes two square matrices of the same dimension as arguments and produces their product(another square matrix ofthat samedimension). Extra cre

Determine values of the side of triangle

Enter 3 integers and determine if these 3 values make up the sides of a triangle. If any side is


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