Recent changes in information technology affected society

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1. Social Changes

How have the recent changes in information technology affected society? Are these changes for the better, the worse, or both?

2. What are one or two of the biggest social changes?

3. Technological changes

What technological changes have happened since the book was published 6 years ago?

4. What changes do you think are the most important or transformative?

5. A teaching opportunity has happened with the federal government shut-down. All federal websites have been closed to the public since the shut-down started. This means that many people cannot access information to do their daily jobs; for example, I use the Library of Congress site to teach the cataloging class. Much of this information is also no longer available in print form.

So...we have this wonderful technology of the web, but we also can't access many parts of it. What is good and bad about this situation? (No politics please). How could we prevent such a loss of information in the future?

Reference no: EM13189503

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