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Hottenstein, Griffith, and Hult, attorneys at law, do a great deal of printing. The firm uses a single type of printer with annual demand for print cartridges of 480 per year. The order cost is $15 per order, and carrying cost of $35 per cartridge. A. How many print cartridges should the firm order at one time? B. What is the time between orders?

Reference no: EM13106452

Explain the potential personal liability to acme fireworks

Analyze whether the owner formed a contract with the businesses, and apply the five essential elements of an enforceable contract. Explain the potential personal liability

Normal economic performance over a long period of time

Will a company that has a sustained competitive disadvantage be inevitably defunct and go bankrupt? Will a company with lower than average accounting performance go out of bus

Considered for business-to-consumer marketing

Social media is often considered for business-to-consumer (BTC) marketing. Does social media marketing work in the BTB marketplace? Why, or why not? How might you use social m

Delivery of the computers is time-critical

Project Manager Paul is purchasing 100 laptops and 20 desktop computers for her project, and the delivery of the computers is time-critical. Billie Jo would like to provide an

Where does leadership fit into the picture

Think of an organization that has been in existence for as long as you can remember. A Fortune 500 company for example. Why and how has the company managed to survive all th

Discuss the pros and cons of CPM scheduling

Discuss the pros and cons of CPM scheduling. In your response discuss how to maximize the pros of CPM scheduling and how to minimize the cons of CPM scheduling. Provide an exa

Describe characteristics of different types of work groups

Describe the characteristics of different types of work groups. Differentiate between a group and a team. Why do groups need rules? Explain the importance of group norms in co

Political and economic situation in the russian federation

Discuss the political and economic situation in the Russian Federation. What has changed since 2013? What are the implications for foreign companies to start a joint venture t


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