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Most organizations possess some formal organizational chart showing the established lines of authority and the division of labor. Generally, formal processes of communication are designed to flow along the lines of authority. Briefly describe the organizational chart in your present company, especially noting how communication is "supposed" to work (If you are not currently part of an organization, describe an organization that you used to be part of or one of which you have knowledge.). Is the formal communication chain effective? Explain why or why not. What other communication networks exist in your organization? How does communication "get done" or occur in your organization?

Reference no: EM13106506

Manage inventory to meet predictable variability of demand

1. Discuss the approaches a firm can use to manage inventory to meet predictable variability of demand. (max. one and a half pages)2. Discuss key issues to be considered when

Write a strategic analysis of plan for cvs health

To develop your ability to analyze and plan for a social system in a way that integrates key concepts from the course. You will write a strategic analysis of plan for CVS He

Develop an emergency evacuation plan

Develop an Emergency Evacuation Plan. Explain what disaster(s) you might experience and what plans you would put in place to protect yourself, your possessions, and your loved

Single-line and single-channel model

Pretty much any time you go somewhere to purchase something, you have to wait in line. When you go to a store, there are two basic types of check-out lines: a) the single-line

How many will leave the company for personal reasons

The company currently has 920 managers: 640 middle managers and 280 senior managers. How many of these managers will eventually retire from the company? How many will leave

Inferences about their possible future competitive positions

Qantas and Singapore Airlines are two key players in the international airline market in the Asia Pacific region. Both are well established and fly many routes to many countri

What insights does the work reveal on the nature

What does Herrington identify as the key weaknesses in the strategy pursued by the South Vietnamese government and its American allies in the war against the Viet Cong and the

Calculate the case mix index for the hospitals

Calculate the case mix index for the hospitals, which use the same patient classification system and create a benchmark for future years and to be able to compare performance


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