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Economic analysis helps to forecast the quantitative performance of a solution alternative. One of the objectives of CMMI-ACQ is to establish and maintain a quantitative understanding of the performance of selected processes because it stresses quantitative management of the organization. Do you believe quantitative management is a good approach for all types of organizations, government and non-government, profit and non-profit? Do you see any shortcomings to quantitative management?

Reference no: EM13951317

Discuss capital and labour productivity in engineering

Is Indian companies running a risk by not giving attention to cost cutting and discuss whether Indian Consumer goods industry is growing at the cost of future profitability.

Blue sky ideas to solve the following problems

Paul ONeill, former U.S. Treasury Secretary, estimates that arguably half of the $2 trillion a year that Americans spend on health care is needlessly wasted. Brainstorm up to

Briefly describe the five stages of the product life cycle

Briefly describe the five stages of the product life cycle. Listed below are three different organizations at various stages of the product life cycle. Describe the overall ma

How gold coast advertising measures its quality

Illustrate what is wrong with explain how Gold Coast Advertising measures its quality? Explain why Gold Coast should ask its customers about explain how they define quality.

Describe lenovo end-to-end supply chain performance

What metrics had Lenovo used to evaluate its end-to-end supply chain performance. What were Lenovo's dual operating models and how well did these two models work for its globa

Describe the characteristics of the product

Describe the characteristics of the product (GREEN Air-conds) sold by MUZTAFAH. How has consumer preference on this type of product changed over the years? Do you think MUZT

How would you use cost or price analysis

Discuss your approach to effecting a win-win negotiation with a potential long-term supplier for a specific product or service - How would you use cost or price analysis in

Calculate seasonal factors and estimate the forecast

Based on the level, trend, and seasonality values that you calculated and the changes that demand has experienced over time, what would be the simplest adaptive forecasting ap


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