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a. Ryan is planning to finance her college education by selling programs at the football games for her team. there is a fixed cost of $400 for printing these programs, and the variable cost is $3. there is also a $1,000 fee that is paid to the university for the right to sell these programs. If Ryan was able to sell programs for $5 each, how many would she have to sell in order to break even?

b. Sales have fallen as a result of the team losing streak and attendance has fallen off. Ryan will only sell 500 programs for the next game. If it was possible to raise the selling price of the program and still sell 500, what would the price have to be for Ryan to break even by selling 500?

Reference no: EM1393188

Perform step-frequency radar imaging using fft

ECE - 148 Signal Processing Applications - Assignment: Estimation of Range and Bearing Angle -exercise is to perform step-frequency radar imaging usi

Carry out a hypothesis using significance level

A sample mean is 102. another 50 observation with a standard deviation of 6 and a sample mean of 6. conduct a hypothesis using the .05 significance level.

Find the mean and the standard deviation of the dollar

What is the probability that the exchange rate on a given day during this period will be at least 0.75?- What is the probability that the exchange rate on a given day during t

Compute the return to risk ratio

Compute the Return to Risk Ratio (RRR). On the basis of the results of (A) - (C), which action should the vendor take - sell soft drinks or ice cream? Why?

Creating set of observations from binomial distribution

Create a set of n observations from the binomial distribution with 1 trial and the event probability of 0.007, where n is your answer.

Find probability that nine light bulbs light up

We have a box of 12 light bulbs. The probability that a particular light bulbs lights on opening is 0.95. This meets the binomial assumptions. Find the probability that 9 li

Hypothesis test to find processes which reduced wait time

By using.02 level of significance, carry out a 5-step hypothesis testing procedure to find out if new processes considerably reduced the wait time.

Difference between effectiveness for women and men

As part of this trial, they wish to determine whether there is a difference between the effectiveness for women and for men. At = .05, what is the test value?


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