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Assignment 1

Using the process discussed in the first three topics you should identify a research topic and expand on it using the theory. You can structure this as a research proposal that discusses your research topic and illustrates why it is worth implementing. Your research can be something related to your experience, something you are particularly interested in or something you believe would be a good area to write the assignment on. The topic does not have to be completely new but it must be current. For example the impact of tablets on tourism may be a suitable topic because it is current but the impact of WAP on tourism is not a suitable topic because it is not current. It can be related partly or fully to you specialization. It can also form the basis for your final year project. Before finalizing your choice make sure you can find information on it. Also check with your tutor that your chosen research topic is suitable.

To make sure you relate all the areas covered in the first three topics to your research you may want to structure you essay following the same order. You could allocate two or three paragraphs for each issue. Where there are alternatives approaches they should be discussed before going into more detail with the chosen option. While you are making an argument why your research proposal is important you must always be objective and treat all alternatives equally.

Assignment 2

You may not choose both qualitative and quantitative methods but you must discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both even if you do not use them.


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Table of Contents

Assignment 1 3
Abstract 3
Introduction 3
Literature Review 4
Analysis and Findings 6
Recommendation 6
Conclusion 7
Assignment 2 10
Introduction 10
Literature Review 11
Advantages and Disadvantages of Online advertising 12
References 14


In the business sector, online advertising is considered as the most significant tool which illustrates the path of development. This particular aspect of business and marketing is a high-flying strategy for progress (McAlister, Srinivasan & Kim, 2007). Previously, product marketing was the sole motive of the companies with the help of online marketing, but the scenario seems a bit different now. In these days, the process gets revolutionized and the purpose of internet marketing has stepped ahead from the conventional marketing practices. Looking into the prospective view, promotions in social media sites has increased and consumers are getting more interactive towards businesses for faster and effective development. This research paper is about the assessment of impact of online advertising on the growth of business (Poon & Jevons, 1997).


Promotional messages are the major part of marketing that is affiliated with online advertising. This technique is popularly known as online marketing, in which information is presented to the consumers. These information are basically promotional that convey messages for the sole purpose of marketing and advertising (Rowley, 2004). Among the various online advertising methods, there are certain methods having huge magnitude and these elements play their vital roles in the internet adverting sector. Some of the important services are- search engine marketing, display promotion, social media

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