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Critique of the research study in which you:

• Evaluate the purpose statement using the Purpose Statement Checklist as a guide

• Analyze alignment among the theory, research problem, and purpose

• Explain your position on the relationship between research and social change

Use the attached form in relation to the article below

Article: Ibarra, P. R., Gur, O. M., & Erez, E. (2014). Surveillance as casework: Supervising domestic violence defendants with GPS technology. Crime, Law and Social Change, 62(4), 417-444. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10611-014-9536-4

Purpose Statement Checklist

Use the following criteria to evaluate an author's purpose statement.

Look for indications of the following:

• Does the statement begin with signaling words?

• Does the statement identify the research approach (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed)?

• Does the statement clearly state the intent of the study?

• Does the statement mention the participants?

• Does the statement mention the research site?

• Is the statement framed in a way that is consistent with the identified problem? If the study is qualitative, does the purpose statement do as follows?

• Focus on a single phenomenon

• Use an action verb to convey how learning will take place

• Use neutral, nondirectional language

• Provide a general definition of the central phenomenon If the study is quantitative, does the purpose statement do as follows?

• Identify the variables under study

• Provide a general definition of each key variable

• Use words that connect the variables

• Identify a theory If the study is mixed methods, does the purpose statement do as follows?

• Discuss the reason(s) for mixing both quantitative and qualitative data

• Include the characteristics of a good qualitative purpose statement (as listed above)

• Include the characteristics of a good quantitative purpose statement (as listed above)

• Indicate the specific method of collecting both quantitative and qualitative data.

Reference no: EM131011855

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