Psychological theories and principles in anxiety disorders

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Annotated Bibliography

Choosing what area (3 of the below) of anxiety disorders begins with examining the following areas related to the course competencies. Use this as a guide when choosing research articles (2 articles for each of the 3 topics you chose).

• The major psychological theories and principles in the field of anxiety disorders
• The historical link to modern issues and trends in the field of anxiety disorders
• The nature of social, cognitive, emotional, and developmental factors in the etiology, course, and duration of anxiety disorders
• The major and subtle differences between anxiety disorders according to DSM-IV-TR criteria
• The typical course and duration of anxiety disorders
• Comorbidity and recidivism
• Commonly used treatments for anxiety disorders
• The influence of developmental level, gender, and socioeconomic status on the presentation of anxiety disorders

Note: An annotated bibliography is simply a brief summary consisting of two to three paragraphs and an analysis of the peer reviewed journal consisting of two paragraphs that incorporate the information you learned in the class so far.

Note: You will find research articles that are peer reviewed in scholarly journals. Scholarly journal articles are also often referred to as primary source documents. You must be able to discern the difference between an appropriate and an inappropriate resource. Remember, what cannot be utilized for this assignment are any web pages, magazines, newspapers, textbooks, book chapters, and other books. Finally, remember the article must have been published within the last five years.

The annotated bibliography should include the following for each article:
• A two to three paragraph summary for each article
• A two paragraph analysis and evaluation for each article


1. A behavioural neuroscience perspective on the aetiology and treatment of anxiety disorders by Merel Kindt

2. A Prospective Study of Psychiatric Comorbidity and Recidivism Among Repeat DUI Offenders

3. Current Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders by Alexander Bystritsky

4. Drug-abusing offenders with comorbid mental disorders: Problem severity, treatment participation, and recidivism

5. Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents.

Reference no: EM13978728

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