Providing an initial post and follow-up posts

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For this discussion question utilize the guidelines provided when providing an initial post and follow-up posts.

Who am you online?

  1. Type your (student's) name into one or two browsers. 
  • What comes up? What do these results say about you?
  • Capture a screen shot of the results for your personal social media plan and make note of the date on which you did your analysis.
  • How are you like your peers and what makes you unique? 
  • Do you have any goals in terms of changing how you appear online? If so, what are they?
  • How do they reflect your personal brand? Professional brand?
  • Post a link to any social media platform that you use as an example (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Blog etc.
  • Who do you follow in social media and Why?
  • Is there a dark side to social media, please explain?

A little background on my details regarding the questions above when search my name nothing comes up. I am active on FB and IG social media platforms

Reference no: EM132280944

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